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The purpose of “Defensive Driving Training” is to create an overall awareness of driving hazards both on and off the job. To enhance the driving skills of Drivers and to promote Crash-Free Driving. Providing greater awareness of driving responsibilities, ability to identify driving environment hazards, an understanding of the organizational requirements for road safety, ability to recognize and respond appropriately to changing road hazards and the mechanisms to enable Drivers to modify their behavior to make them a safer driver.


Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of work-related fatalities. The Defensive Driving Program has been developed for drivers to ensure that they are adequately prepared for their driving responsibilities. This program addresses the recognition, evaluation, and control of hazards related to driving and vehicle operation.


Recognize, respect and accept the risks and responsibilities associated with driving.  Incorporate the concepts of Defensive Driving at work and at home. Actively implement Defensive Driving principles as a driver and as a passenger. Commit to the continued reduction in vehicle crashes.

Learning Outcomes

  • A greater awareness of driving responsibilities
  • The ability to identify hazards in driving environment
  • The ability to recognize and respond appropriately to road hazards
  • An understanding of the mechanism  that will make you to modify your behavior to make you a safer driver


Light Vehicle Training

• Commuting Driver
• Defensive Driver
• Vehicle Passenger

Heavy Vehicle Non-Articulated

Heavy Vehicle Articulate

Driver Coach & Trainer

• Driver Coach
• Driver Trainer

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